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Thank you for visiting and supporting my website and social media pages. Our nation is in a very dark place spiritually, and together, you and I must be the light!

Our Team is hearing from thousands and thousands of people across America and around the world, all declaring that we need a new movement; A Zero Victim Movement of faith that calls our nation back to the foundation of God's spiritual and moral law.

We respect our politicians, but recognize that without God, they are incapable of solving the spiritual and moral problems of our nation with civil or political law.

By joining my email list, you'll join Pastor Sharon and me, and thousands more in building this much needed new movement that reflects our faith in Christ and honors Him; A movement not based on skin color, victimization, pain, or politics, but based on God's love and God's Word.

We need your prayers and financial support as a non-profit ministry, and do hope you'll join our efforts by signing up for my email list below and following me on my social media platforms.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you more...Be encouraged!

With Love,

Pastor James

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